• Principles by Dr. John McDougall

    By following the Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall, Liz, the creator of Full & Fulfilled and Eat Starches, successfully lost over 35 lbs. The diet is simple but is powerful for health restoration and weight loss.

  • Thoughtfully created with love

    The products on Eat Starches are made with love and careful consideration. Each product sold in this shop is meant to inspire you to eat healthily and live your most fulfilled life.

  • Driven by your goals

    Each product was created to help you achieve your health goals. The 50/50 bowls were designed to follow Dr. John McDougall’s recommendation for maximum plant-based weight loss. By eating 50% starches and 50% veggies for every meal, you can lose the pounds.

A Closer Look at Full & Fulfilled

The Starch Solution is an eating plan formulated by Dr. John A. McDougall. This way of eating includes a complete diet of natural starches like potatoes and rice, non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens, and natural fruit. The uniqueness of this diet is that you aren’t eating any heavily processed foods or oil.

Natural starches like sweet potatoes, white rice, beans, and oats keep your belly full and contain the nutrients your beautiful body needs. By keeping your plate simple with starches and vegetables, your belly will stay full longer, you’ll minimize your fat intake, and your body will find its “optimal weight.” (Optimal weight is your body’s natural healthy weight)

Full & Fulfilled is a sustainable lifestyle brand by Liz Illg. After Liz discovered a plant-based diet, restored her health, and regained her energy, she began advocating for healthy living. Through her wellness journey, she became inspired to live sustainably in all areas of her life and to teach others how to do the same.

Liz’s sustainability efforts go beyond choosing better food choices, she grows fruits and vegetables from her home garden, lives minimally, and educates others on eco-friendly living.

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