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Eat Starch & Lose Weight

Starch Solution resources for you to help you lose weight and feel naturally energetic. These products are made with love by Liz, a starch advocate who lost over 48 pounds (and counting) on the diet.

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  • Priscilla

    "Liz was absolutely fantastic as a coach. She always had great feedback and had words of encouragement. I used to think I was disciplined and motivated enough to stick to a plan, but I really was not. Having a coach helped me stay accountable, learn about all the strengths I do have but just needed some “fine tuning”, and also learn how to make some deliciously simple meals. Liz helped me realize that consistency is key, simplicity is imperative, and believing in myself is crucial to building a new healthy lifestyle."

  • Heidi

    "Just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are. I strive to follow ss as much as I can and I've struggled with negative body image pretty much all my life. the other day I was having alternations done for some special occasion dresses - I looked in the mirror while in these dresses and finally saw myself! I don't know how to explain in but I am there. i'm in a very accepting place with how I look and I thank you for helping me get into that mindset!"