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UpCycle: 50/50 Bowl - Green Bowl

UpCycle: 50/50 Bowl - Green Bowl

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All items in the UpCycle collection are pre-owned goods. 

This green bowl you'll receive is not a "true circle" but does appear to be more lopsided.

The collection was created to give new life to gently to moderately-used glass and stoneware. Each item is unique and rare. Because these items are not manufactured by Eat Starches / Full and Fulfilled, complete product details may be unavailable, however, we will provide as many product details as possible. 

We recommend handling all glass and stoneware with care. Hand wash with warm water, microwave/heat, and machine wash cautiously. 

Each item in this collection may have slight imperfections.

Product Details: Materials: Glazed Clay Pottery

*All glazes are food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe*

Size: Varies based on the handmade product but bowls were designed to be 9-9.5 inches wide 2- 2.5 inches tall with a divider.

Weight: ≈ 2.5 lbs

Care: Gentle hand washing and drying are recommended, however, they can be placed in the dishwasher if needed. Avoid sudden temperature changes; thermal shock can cause pottery to crack. Never use pottery on a hot stovetop, broiler, or open flame. Avoid pouring boiling water into pottery.

Material: All clay, no lead or toxic materials is present in the clay Glaze: All glaze used is non-toxic. They are safe for normal use once fired.


Q: Are the bowls stackable?

A: No, they are not due to their unique shape.

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